Try to research as much as you can of London and familiarize yourself with the area as best as possible before your trip. I studied a map of London before I went on my trip, and the familiarity served me very well.

Plan your flight and your arrival time. London time is 5 hours ahead and they do not adhere to the US daylight savings time.

As soon as you arrive you won’t really see any restaurants or things to eat. It’ll be a fast paced blur of perfume stores and expensive boutiques. You might be hungry but just hold on, or eat a granola bar that you’ve packed. You’re about an hour and a half away from food.

You have to go through customs next, and then all the walkways and direction will direct you to transportation and arrival. Here are your options for getting to your hotel. (TUDOR COURT HOTEL)

Tudor Court Hotel London - Restaurant***Note: This blog includes transportation to and from the Tudor Court Hotel. With so many hotels to choose from in London how do you know which one to stay at? I HIGHLY recommend The Tudor Court Hotel. The service there was incredible! The Tudor Court Hotel is a beautifully restored historic hotel that offers clean rooms, very comfortable beds, complimentary in room wifi, ensuite bathroom options, complimentary full English Breakfast (which is DELICIOUS), extremely close proximity to public transportation, the kindest most hospitable staff you'll ever meet, and it is truly in an ideal location for London visitors. With the average cost of a decent hotel being between 80-200 British Pounds, The Tudor Court Hotel has incredible deal averaging around 40-80 British Pounds a night with specials and deals depending on how many nights you book. I personally scored an awesome deal with them on Kayak. For what you get and for the first class service you receive, I wouldn't go to any other hotel. Also, something I learned while in London: it is very rare to have a private bathroom, complimentary full English Breakfast, and internet access in the privacy of your room to be all included. Yes, I found that weird at first, too. But London in a very old city, and most of the hotels are all refurbished and restored, meaning that en suit bathroom options are rare. Also, I found out several of the other hotels did not offer complimentary wifi like the Tudor Court Hotel did in the privacy of your room.  It is very typical for wifi to be charged by the hour and available only in common areas, such as the lobby.

To get to the Tudor Court Hotel from Heathrow Airport

By Rail
Take the Heathrow Express to Paddington. Journey time approximately 15 minutes.

Or Heathrow Connect to Paddington. Journey time approximately 25 minutes

By London Underground (The "tube") - take the Piccadilly Line to Earl’s Court, then change to the District Line (Northbound) to Paddington. Journey time approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Here's what to know about these options...

Heathrow Express is the easiest and fastest. Remember those boutique shops and perfume places you’ll be passing instantly after you get through customs? Well there will be person shouting out, “Heathrow Express tickets! Buy them here!” And they’ll have a little card reader and ticket printer on them. Single way is 27 pounds, and round trip is 32 pounds. I bought the round.

Now Heathrow Connect, I guess you follow the signs to the station or landing at Heathrow and purchase a ticket at the counter or one of their kiosks. I did not do the Heathrow Connect, but I was told it was way cheaper. Only 9 pounds. Either way Both the express and connect are trains that run back and forth to and from the airport.

TheTube (or train) is definitely the cheapest, but if you’re nervous about the tube, you’ve never used it so you concerned how to do it, or you’re just exhausted, don’t do it. (The tube is easy, but it is also something you need to figure out, and you have to decide if it’s a good time upon your arrival or not. (To view the London Tube map click here.

Congratulations! You've arrived at Paddington Station! You are barely a minute away from your hotel!

Paddington Station is the loveliest station in my opinion. As soon as I arrived I bought some tea. It’s like a mall honestly. Take a moment to look around you and get your bearings. Look above you at the signs and below you on the ground. There will be Heathrow Express arrow lines. That’s why I picked the Heathrow express for my initial transport. It’s very easy to newbies and they are extremely well advertised and staffed. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET! Especially if you bought a round trip one. Hold on to it!

If you need some tea just go get some at Paddington, but don't let starvation and jet lag make you feel like you have to buy food there. You are literally less than 60 seconds away from tons of cute little cafes. Follow the “exit this way” out of the station. It will pop you out on a busy London street, and instantly you will see the black cabs and big red busses. You are literally barely a minute from your hotel. It’s just directly in front of you and to the left.

Paddington Station
Tudor Court Hotel is a one-minute’s walk from Paddington Station. From Praed Street, turn slightly to the left (so that you may cross straight) and go south/straight onto London Street. (This means walking past the Burger King there and the Lebanese restaurant on your left.) Turn left into Norfolk Square; you can’t miss it. There will be a beautiful garden in the middle of the court (that is open in the evenings), and Tudor Court Hotel is on the left. So, if you’re facing the hotels’ square, Tudor hotel is right next to the Shakespeare Hotel maybe about 3rd from the left.

Tudor Court Hotel
10-12 Norfolk Square
London, W2 1RS UK
To call (from the US to UK) 
dial: 011-44-20 7723-5157


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